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It seems as though everything from the past falls into oblivion. But one day we will dig up our sweet memories as we would dig sparkling diamonds out of the earth.  It will all be composed as if by the most famous of all poets, who evokes the unreal and makes it a reality, who puts all into the chorus of his verses. 

The words capture just a subtle part of reality.  It is buried somewhere deep in our souls, and that which we say is a mere reflection.  That is why a smile once sighted extends in memory ad infinitum.  That is why bits and pieces can acquire importance and everything can be dependent on them without the cause and the consequence, the beginning and the end. 

Sometimes we have to stay with words by ourselves, in order to understand that we in fact fight our whole lives.  We hardly cross one mountain, when immediately we find other ones, and white clouds change to black.  There is often no other way than to accept, and follow our own direction.

After all, everyone is a creator of his own life, or so it is said.

What is the poet doing?  He is creating that picture.

Copyright 2002, J.M. Skalna





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